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Looking for an SEO agency in Barcelona that will rank your website on the first page of Google for the keywords you are targeting? You’ve come to the right place.

I’m pretty sure you found us because we were ranking #1 for the keyword “Barcelona SEO”. You already saw that we are the best company amongst other SEO companies out there that are always trying to pitch their services to you.

With 8 years of experience doing search engine optimization for clients in many different niches, we have a deep understanding of how search algorithms work and what they are looking for. 


How Do We Improve the SEO Rankings Of Your Website

That’s the main question isn’t it?

How do I rank my own website?

It is pretty simple once you understand what the search engines are looking for – they want to show websites that provide good quality information to the people searching for a particular keyword. For example, if someone searched for “plumber Barcelona” Google wants to make sure that a good plumbing company shows up on the first page for that keyword.

And they filter all the websites based on how people interact with that website, the quality of the content they have and what kind of other websites are linking out to it. And of course there are many more factors that go into deciding which website should rank on the first page, but the ones I mentioned are the ones that make a huge difference. 

Our team is trained in making sure that your website is optimized for all of the factors that I just mentioned and much more.

Optimizing just for those factors will probably rank your website on the first page for the keywords you are targeting. It’s that simple. And we have ranked several businesses doing just that, so we are sure that we can do the same thing for you.

To make it simple, we have divided everything we do into smaller steps so that our team can work efficiently and we can deliver quicker results to our clients:

Full Website SEO Audit: This is where we compare your entire website with your competitors and see how it’s doing. If we find any weaknesses, we make sure that we are optimizing your website for it. We also look for things like: holes in the current on page optimization of your website, speed performance, content length, crawling errors, responsiveness on multiple devices, penalties, etc.


Keyword Research: Ask any SEO Barcelona company and they will say that this is the most important part of any SEO campaign. You want to make sure that you are getting this right. And since our almost a decade old experience, we have become very proficient at it. We know which keywords to choose for you based on whether or not they will help generate the highest ROI. We consider things like search intent, monthly volume, keyword difficulty, etc. Since we understand the online ecosystem like the back of our hands, this will be a breeze for you.


Content Marketing: Google has said that if you provide great content, you will be successful with SEO. And that is true. In this step, we make sure that all the content that you have on your website is high-quality content. We want to make sure that we are solving the problems that your visitors are having. Because a solution is what they are looking for. We make sure that through all this time we have the search intent of those visitors in our minds. 


Competition Analysis: This is the juicy part. This is where we take a look at your competitors and see what they are doing in terms of off page optimization. We look at things like link building, what kind of websites are linking out to them and if we can spot any weaknesses in their SEO. If we can, we will capitalize on that as well.


Link Building: After reverse engineering your competitors, we get straight to obtaining the same backlinks for your website or similar ones. It is important for every SEO strategy to get high-quality backlinks because that is the main thing that will determine whether or not your website is considered to have a good online reputation and high authority on the internet.


Why Should You Focus On Barcelona SEO? Why Is It Important?

As the years have gone by, the search engine optimization industry has grown exponentially. More and more businesses are now realizing that their marketing budget is much better spent on things that will bring in money consistently in the long term. You might have noticed the same thing in not just Barcelona, but in the whole country as well that businesses are taking SEO more seriously.

They want to increase the amount of organic traffic that is coming to their website.

Because sure, you can spend money on paid search, social media campaigns or even work with influencers that will make your brand look good. But once you stop spending money, you start seeing a drop in revenue.

That’s not the case with SEO. Once you are ranking on the first page of Google (or the local search of Google), you will stay there for many years to come. Some of our previous clients have been ranking there for 2 years straight.

And the best part, they stopped spending money on SEO and the revenue keeps coming in. 

That’s the reason why we love working with clients because we can see the real impact of SEO in real-time. We see them not seeing consistent and predictable results when they were advertising with influencers on social media or doing pay per click.

And when they started doing SEO, sure, it takes some time to deliver results (even months), but once they start seeing the results, they can predict how much revenue they can expect from it. Which makes their lives a lot easier because then they can focus on fulfillment or just have less stress in their lives.

If you are looking for instant results, paid search is the way to go. But if you want long-term results, SEO is what you should be looking at.


SEO Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you only do SEO in Spain?

No. Our SEO agency offers services internationally to businesses in all the countries like: United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, France (basically all of Europe), the United States, etc.


Do you also offer web design services?

Unfortunately no. But we can refer you to a very skilled freelancer that we work with on a regular basis who creates some amazing websites.


What can I do to improve my SEO ranking?

There are many things you can do actually. Once you are done with Onpage optimization work, you can start with offpage work and start building more links to your website. You can reverse engineer your competitors by using tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush and find out what kinds of websites are linking to your competitors and try to get links from the same places. You can also write blog posts about your product or services to provide more educational information to your visitors about what you do.


How much time it will take for my website to rank on Google?

It depends on a lot of different factors like:

– How old your website is

– If you had done SEO for it previously. If so, were there any negative or positive effects because of it

– Whether or not your have a penalty

– If the quality of the content on your website is good or not

Generally, if a website is brand new, like if you registered your domain name yesterday, it will take us about 11-14 months to rank you on the first page for your target keywords.

But if your website is a couple of years old, it might take us less time to rank you. It all depends on factors I mentioned.

You can send us a message with the details of those factors and we can give you an overall timeline of how it will take us to rank you.


How much do you charge for your SEO services?

Every client is different and the competition in their industries are different. And so we make sure that we are providing custom pricing for every client just like how we provide custom services for them.