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So You Searched For “Berlin SEO” And We Were #1

That’s the power of ranking #1 for your target keyword – your website turns into your personal Jordan Belfort (or at least very close) when it comes to selling your products or services. When people see your website #1, they automatically trust you which is exactly what we want for you. We want your customers to trust you so much that all they need to know is how they should send their payment to you.


Best Local Berlin SEO Expert

I’m gonna be up front with you, your problem isn’t getting exposure. Your problem is getting exposure to the RIGHT kind of people on a consistent basis so you can predict how many customers your business will get in a specific amount of time.

Right now, there are two options – Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Influencer marketing, etc.) and Paid Search advertising (Google Ads).

And both of these options work very well in the short term.

You spend money and see instant results (sometimes even as quick as 15 minutes). But here’s the thing, once you stop spending money, the sales stop coming in. Which means you are dependent on these platforms to run your business which is not a very good thing.

You want to have a system where even if you stop spending money on a particular advertising campaign, you will still keep getting sales. And for most people that’s a pipedream. But with SEO, you can make that dream a reality.

With Google’s organic traffic, you don’t need to continuously spend thousands of dollars each month to make sure that you will have enough business coming in this month or the next month.

You just have to spend money once on an SEO campaign with us and once your website starts ranking #1, you can stop spending money on it. And here’s the best part – your website will stay #1 for years to come (obviously we will have to do some maintenance to make sure your competitors don’t outrank you, but it’s VERY low).

It’s the same thing we did with our website.


Start Getting Inbound Leads With the Help of Berlin SEO Consultants

With our best in the world search engine optimization services, your business will start getting inbound leads to your business. Your business will be the #1 ranking business for the products and services that your customers will be searching for.

Here’s a fun statistic for you – almost 72% of the people who search for a business on Google, they end up visiting one of the businesses from that search within 72 hours.

Based on this data, if you end up ranking #1 for your target keywords, you are guaranteed to double or even quadruple your revenue. Of course this depends on the amount of people searching for that particular keyword in your area.

And with our 8 years of experience, we know exactly how to outrank your competitors and get you on that #1 spot.



How long will it take for my website to rank?

That depends on a lot of factors  such as:

  • How long your website has been active for
  • Whether you have previously had SEO done for it or not
  • If someone did do SEO for it before, it will depend if they did proper SEO or not
  • Whether your website has a penalty or not
  • The quality of content on your website, and much more.

To get an overall timeline for how long it will take us to rank your website, feel free to message us through our Contact Us page with all the info I just listed above and we will get back to you with an estimate.

How will you choose which keywords to target?

It depends on what your goal is with SEO. Most businesses are looking to increase their revenue.

In that case, we will be looking for search volume, and search intent when choosing which keywords to go after.

Keywords like “best plumber in Berlin” is the best example. That keyword tells us that the person who is searching it is looking to hire a plumber. And lets say that you have a plumbing business and you are ranking #1 for that keyword, the person searching for that keyword will definitely give you a call and schedule an appointment.

We will obviously look for more keywords like that and rank you #1 for those as well. That way, you can get as many phone calls as you can handle.

How are you able to deliver these SEO results to your clients?

Our approach to SEO is very simple. We try to make sure that your business is really the best business your customers should be working with. And also that your website is providing the best information what whatever the person is searching for on Google.

We focus on making sure that all the content on your website is up-to date and high-quality. We also make sure that we are optimizing all the pages on your website for the keywords that you are targeting with that page. Along with that, we also optimize the speed of your website, you don’t want to have a website that takes 5 minutes to load.

And when you combine all these things, you will have a website that people will find useful and will be willing to link out to. And that’s how you will gain popularity and authority in your community.

So will you write all the high quality content for my website?

If you don’t already have content on your website, we will have our in-house writer to write the content for you. This will make sure that the content we post is already SEO optimized while also making sure that it aligns with the business values and what your business stands for.

But if you already have content on your website, we will analyze it and make sure that it is optimized for SEO. If it’s not, we will do it for you.

How does your pricing work?

Every business is different and every keyword that we target will be different in terms of competition. With different levels of competition – it will take different amounts of time for us to rank your website of the first page of Google.

So the competition and what things we will have to do will dictate how much we charge a client. We like to customize our services for our clients, that’s how we are able to deliver incredible results with such consistency.

But if you want a quote, feel free to fill out the form below and we will get back to you with it.